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Actor's Studio (Brussels)

On 23 May, the International Documentary Film Festival OFF CINEMA from Poznań will come to Brussels to present the best of contemporary Polish documentaries. Three documentaries have been chosen: NAUKA (Education) by Emi Buchwald; PIANO by Vita Maria Drygas; and WIĘZI (Close ties) by Zofia Kowalewska. These documentaries won respectively the Golden, Silver and Bronze Castle at the last edition of OFF CINEMA.

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>>> 23 May 2017 - 21:00
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NAUKA (Emi Buchwald, Poland, 2016, 19min, ENG sub)
In one elementary school children are told to learn Julian Tuwim’s poem “Science” by heart as homework. The poetic phrase is sometimes incomprehensible, some words require explanation, but parents come to their aid. Unfortunately, not all metaphors can be explained in an unambiguous way and poetry clashes with the prose of life, in particular when a football match of Legia Warszawa is broadcast on television. Some will get Bs, some will fail, but everyone will learn something from this lesson.

PIANO (Vita Maria Drygas, Poland, 2015, 41min, ENG sub)
The out-of-tune piano, draped in blue-yellow national colours, became one of the heroes of the Maidan revolution. It had been saved by a student of a conservatory, who protested when it was about to be thrown onto a barricade. The piano united the demonstrators on the Maidan, who sang moving folks songs and the anthem of Ukraine together. The music proved more dangerous and potent than Molotov cocktails, while the authorities referred to the people gath¬ered around it as “the piano extremists”.

WIĘZI (Zofia Kowalewska, Poland, 2016, 18min, ENG sub)
Barbara and Zdzisław are a couple with 45 years of marriage experience. Eight years ago, Zdzisław left Barbara to live with his lover. Recently, he decided to return to his wife. Barbara took him back. Still, living together once again in one apartment proves to be quite difficult for both. Zdzisław suggests they organize a party to celebrate their wedding anniversary.

International Documentary Film Festival OFF CINEMA is a competition festival, which presents documentary films from around the world. The best documents a jury of eminent filmmakers, film critics and entertainers awards: Golden, Silver and Bronze Castle. They promote and present interesting events in a wide range of Polish and world cinema contemporary and classical, not only documentary. The competition is accompanied by numerous special screenings, meetings with artists, the exhibition of a film, concerts, films workshops, academic lectures and discussions. The festival promotes the development of documentary cinema in three areas: presentation, education and reflection.

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