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Made in Pologne : animation shorts + art workshop for kids

Musée de la Vie Wallonne | as part of the HomoMigratus exhibition
Kiwi Team © KIWI Kiwi Team © KIWI

On 27 November 2016, the Museum of Walloon Life in Liège, in collaboration with the Polish Institute in Brussels, is holding a Polish Day as part of the exhibition ‘HomoMigratus – Understanding human migration’. It will include the screening of a series of Polish animated films for children and adults, as well as an art workshop for children on the theme of ‘Plastic art and Recycling, in connection with the region of Lesser Poland and the World’, set up by the duo KIWI.

>>> Musée de la Vie wallonne (Cour des Mineurs, 4000 Liège) - see map 
>>> 27 November 2016
_____Screening of films for children: 15:00 > 15:45
_____Art workshop for children with the duo KIWI: 16:00 > 17:00
_____Screening of films for adults: 16:00 > 17:00
>>> Free of charge 
Information and booking: +32 (0)4 237 90 50 | +32 (0)4 237 90 60

Ever since the 1950’s, the animated film has been one of the jewels in the crown of the Polish cinema industry. In 1963, no fewer than 162 cartoons were sold abroad. Winners of countless prizes in international festivals, these works, referred to as ‘arthouse films’, stood out from the output from the Disney, Warner Bros or Hanna Barbera studios. By resorting to original, even artisanal, techniques, and by tearing up the rule book on artistic codes, Polish filmmakers forged instantly-recognisable creations. Above and beyond their occasionally light or naive nature, all of these films tend to fire up people’s imaginations, young and old alike, as well as standing up to all forms of dictatorship. This is an ever-present philosophy in the more recent productions which, even though they are less numerous than in the past, still make a lasting impression on audiences thanks to their great aesthetic and humanist quality, as one can see in the magnificent Katedra by Tomasz Baginski, which was nominated for an Oscar in 2002.

Films for children (15:00 > 16:00)
Cat and mouse / Myszka i kotek, by Władyslaw Nehrebecki, 1958,  8’31
A little Western / Mały western, by Witold Giersz, 1960, 5’25
Crossbow / Kusza, by Władyslaw Nehrebecki, 1963, 9’06
Maluch the little car / Maluch, by Lucjan Dembiński, 1965, 7’52
The Little Checked Dog / Piesek w kratkę, by Zofia Oldak, 1968, 7’55
Barnaby the dragon / Smok Barnaba, by Tadeusz Wilkosz, 1977, 10’11

Films for adults 
(16:00 > 17:00)
Labyrinthe / Labirynt, by Jan Lenica, 1961, 14’14
The Chair / Fotel, by Daniel Szczechura, 1963, 5’37
The Road / Droga, by Miroslaw Kijowicz, 1971, 4’23
Tango, by Zbigniew Rybczyński, 1980, 7’54
The Race / Wyścig, by Marek Serafiński, 1989, 6’03
The Cathedral / Katedra, by Tomek Bagiński, 2002, 6’20

KIWI is a duo formed by Justyna KUKLO and Małgorzata MARMUROWICZ, which has been active for three years in Belgium. Its members, whose minds are overflowing with ideas, organise workshops for children on a regular basis. Moreover, they publish a collection of books, entitled A w moim mieście jest inaczej (In my town, it’s different) the aim of which is to help Polish children arriving in Belgium to adapt and settle in. In December 2016, a newspaper for Polish children in Belgium will also be published. It will be entitled PSTRYK MYK and will be published by the association taka to IDEA. The extremely impressive content is made even more interesting thanks to the high quality graphics.  
In the autumn, two new projects will be launched, both created with a view to familiarising young Polish children in Belgium with art:

  • Rymujemy i szyjemy (Let’s rhyme and sew), inspired by the work of renowned Polish poets, this workshop is aimed at children and their parents;
  • KIWI uczy linorytu (Learn linocut with KIWI), a series of five workshops which will help children to try their hand at relief printing.

The workshop ‘Plastic art and Recycling, in connection with the region of Lesser Poland and the World’ will take place from 16:00 until 17:00.

Find out more about KIWI:

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