8 Days With Kantor: Expositions, Films, Stage...

La Bellone, Brussels
14/11/09 - 21/11/09
This event constituted a week of activities geared around the Polish artist Tadeusz Kantor († 1990). It involved two complementary exhibitions, a daily film screening, a meeting with international personalities in order to discuss the presence of Kantor today and a theatre workshop for young actors run by Ludka Ryba, an actress who worked with Kantor. The young actors presented their work at the end of the event.

Tadeusz Kantor. Actions et répétitions (Tadeusz Kantor. Actions and Rehearsals)
Two exhibitions are accessible over the course of the whole event: 

- Photographs by Jacquie Bablet
Jacquie Bablet, a photographer and director, is seen today as an absolute visual reference point when it comes to the work of Kantor. Her works, her testimonies, her view, both academic and personal, all are important documents when one considers the powers of forgetfulness which penalise the theatre, particularly when it comes to the work of Kantor... Her photographic sequences, which were presented at the Cour de La Bellone, are attached to Kantor’s processes of rehearsal and performance.

- Kantor Happening
Over a period spanning approximately ten years, Kantor created happenings, each one more extraordinary than the last. This aspect of his art, occasionally overlooked today but nevertheless worryingly topical, is what connects his practical experience as a plastic surgeon and director. In the Gallerie de La Bellone, Cricoteka presented a selection of documents (drawings, scores, photographs, films, etc) related to the Kantor happenings, which are by definition unique and unrehearsed. 

Cinéma Kantor
A selection of films by/about Kantor, including live recordings of his major plays, were presented every evening on a large screen in the Cour de La Bellone.

Picture gallery

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