Everything Was Forever, Until It Was No More, by Konrad Smoleński

Netwerk, Alost (in the framework of the exhibition "Orkest!")
06/12/14 - 06/03/15

An exhibition on sound with a focus on interplay and interaction, that sounds like a stretched ensemble. ORKEST! is a score for ensemble that relies heavily on the architecture of the gallery space and the visitor’s exploring. The visitor feels the dynamics and contrasts as he/she explores the exhibition, making his/her own score. The works are well chosen to fit in the specific rooms as well to interact with the other works in the adjacent spaces so they reinforce each other in the in-between spaces.
Polish artist Konrad SMOLEŃSKI (Polish pavillon at Venice Art Biennale 2013) presents an installation called Everything Was Forever, Until It Was No More lauched on Friday 6 December by a original performance.
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Artists during Orkest !: Oliver Beer | Rubén D’hers | Nicolas Field | Julian Sartorius | Michael Schmid | Konrad Smoleński | Rutger Zuydervelt

>>> Netwerk. Contemporary Art Center (Houtkaai 15, 9300 Alost) – see map
>>> Satursday 6 December 2014 > Friday 6 March 2015
(closed from 22 December 2014 until 4 January 2015)
>>> free of charge

Everything Was Forever, Until It Was No Moreis a sculptural instrument that reproduces, at regular intervals, a music piece written for bronze bells, wide range loudspeakers, and other resonating objects. The composition is based on a contrast between the symbolically rich sound of the bells and the abstract resounding noise. By using a delay effect, Smoleński offers an insight into a world where history has come to a standstill, thereby approaching the radical propositions of contemporary physics with its perception of the passage of time as an illusion.
On the evening of the opening - 6 December at 20:00 - percussionist Julian SARTORIUS will play a drum solo as part of Smoleński’s work. This solo will in turn be recorded to be used as an additional audio source for the installation. The drum itself will also become a part of the work — in addition to the bells and speakers — adding another resonating object to the daily performance.

20:00 official opening sound on foghorns
20:45 concert Heleen Van Haegenborgh
21:30 concert Julian Sartorius in the installation of Konrad Smoleński


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