Portraits Maczek veterans

made by Johannes Vande Voorde
14/11/14 - 31/12/14
© Johannes Vande Voorde © Johannes Vande Voorde

The belgian photographer Johannes Vande Voorde heeft dedicated a series of portraits to the story of the veterans of the First Polish Armoured Division under the command of General Stanisław Maczek. This unit fought alongside the allies during the Second World War and liberated parts of Belgium. On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of this liberation in September this year, we organised in the liberated towns and cities the Polish Days in Flanders.
>>> Have a look at his beautiful portraits at the bottom of this page. On Friday 14 November, his portraits will be shown during the event Polak roku/Pole of the year (this event is on invitation only).

Johannes Vande Voorde
Photographer Johannes Vande Voorde is born in Bruges, Belgium 1976, and based in Antwerp. He studied Art History in Leuven and Photography in Brussels and is since 2003 a full-time press and commercial photographer, publishing in Belgium and abroad. He is represented by Reporters Photo Agency (Brussels / Amsterdam).
In his personal work he concentrates on portraiture and documentary photography, working on series in which history and social issues play an important role, such as Economic Recession in the USA, conflict and post-war communities in the Balkans, Sexual Minorities in South Asia, and historical migration along Europe's East-West axis.
His current project examines Polish (economic) migration-waves since World War II, which embodies the story about the Polish WWII Veterans ('Forgotten Heroes'). In these, he is collecting personal testimonies, portraying witnesses of the past and looking for visual traces in the present day.
Johannes' work has been exposed in personal and joint- exhibitions all over Europe.
Have a look at his website: www.johannesvandevoorde.com

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