Circum Mortis - The Tadeusz KANTOR's heritage, by LUCA Drama

30CC Leuven
25/11/14 - 28/11/14
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The Leuven-based school of arts LUCA Drama presents CIRCUM MORTIS, which is mostly based on the heritage of the playwright Tadeusz KANTOR. Directed by Johan KNUTS, an actor and a bona fide connoisseur of the theatre of the grotesque, this show is part of the research project Kantor was here set up by the school.
One of the main points of the project was to run acting workshops, held between 1 and 12 September 2014 by two actors who work with the KANTOR Krakow theatre, Teresa and Andrzej WEŁMIŃSKI. With the help of these two important figures with regard to Kantorian heritage, the students and their teacher have plunged into the universe of the great Polish playwright.
Circum mortis marks the culmination of a project which has lasted two years, two years of research and delving through a word which is both unique and universal – the world of Tadeusz KANTOR. It is also a wonderful prelude to the events that will take place in 2015, declared Tadeusz KANTOR year by the Polish parliament.
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>>> Openbaar Entrepot voor de Kunsten – OPEK, grote zaal (Vaartkom 4, 3000 Leuven) – see map
>>> 25 > 28 November 2014 – 20:00 
(rencontre - en néerlandais - avec Johan De Boose et Johan Knuts le 26 novembre au terme du spectacle)
>>> €5€ (online box office)

Coaching: Johan KNUTS et Johan DE BOOSE
Actors: Laurian Callebaut, Heleen Desmet, Emma De Saedeleir, Amber Janssens, Anke Jochems, Tine Roggeman, Matthias Van de Brul, Lynn Van den Broeck, Sander Van den Broeck, Janna Van Mingeroet, Liesbeth Mulkers, Charlotte Verlinden, Maxime Waladi en Charlotte Wellens

De kunst van het gemis
In 2012, Kris CUPPENS, director of LUCA Drama, came up with the idea for De kunst van het gemis, a two-year project whose aim was to "go in search of a contemporary melancholic style of writing plays in which the work of Tadeusz KANTOR, who reinvented contemporary theatre, has pride of place". The project aimed to examine the concept of melancholy through the prism of contemporary playwrighting. In this context, Tadeusz KANTOR (1915-1990), a towering figure in international contemporary theatre, is front and centre. 
The first stage of the project was a study trip to Krakow, the city in which KANTOR was born. Visits were paid to the Cricoteka collections, the Documentation Centre on the Art of Tadeusz Kantor, which is part of the Cricot 2 Theatre Museum. Visits were also paid to the Nazi concentration camp in Auschwitz. 
Next, students and teachers met Johan DE BOOSE, a Flemish journalist and writer who knew Tadeusz KANTOR and wrote his doctoral thesis on Kantor’s Theatre of Death (University of Ghent); he also translated all of Kantor’s artistic manifestos into Dutch. 
The third part of the project took place in September 2014. From 1 until 12 September 2014, a group of students took part in workshops run by famous actors who work with Cricot 2, Teresa et Andrzej WEŁMIŃSKI. At the end of the workshops, a show, ASHES, was presented which focused on the First World War. You can see the photos on the Cricoteka website.
The final part of this long process of contemplation on the legacy of Kantor is  CIRCUM MORTIS.
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Tadeusz KANTOR on the Adam Mickiewicz Institute website.


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