Polish short films in the framework of the exhib. "Dom / Home"

Musée de la Vie wallonne, Liège
29/11/14 - 31/05/15

Dom / Home is an exhibition of photographs by Andrzej KRAMARZ and Weronika ŁODZIŃSKA, two photographers who have travelled the globe in order to come up with an original panorama of the concept of "home". Strikingly diverse, the snapshots reveal a gallery of portraits of interiors, always minus the inhabitant: traditional cosy houses, the Spartan dwellings of circus artists or lorry drivers, or the cells of excentric monks. These visual reflections on the theme of habitat are, in the final analysis, portraits of today’s men and women, an attempt to capture the spirit of the dwelling’s occupants in order to diagnose our current condition. This is truly an event which is part and parcel of contemporary anthropology.

>>> Musée de la Vie Wallonne (Cour des Mineurs, 4000 Liège) - access
>>> 29 November 2014 > 31 May 2015
27 November 2014 – press conference
29 November 2014 – official opening
>>> 5 | 4 (-26, 65+) | 3 (children) | 1,5 (art. 27) | free every first Sunday of the month
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On Tuesday 21 April 2015, the Musée de la Vie wallonne in Liège is holding a film night as part of the photography exhibition Dom/Home, at which three Polish short films will be screened: Hosanna, Superjednostka and Dom na głowie. What’s more, Polish photographer Weronika ŁODZIŃSKA, who is showcasing her work in the museum, will be present and will meet the public in order to talk about the theme of the exhibition.

>>> Musée de la Vie wallonne (Cour des Mineurs, 4000 Liège) - access
>>> 18:30: screening of Hosanna, Superjednostka and Dom na głowie
19:30: meet and greet with Weronika ŁODZIŃSKA
20:30: Drink
>>> Free entrance!


1. HOSANNA (Katarzyna Gondek, 10 min, 2013)
Hosanna is the story of a little girl bursting with energy who steps into the world of her very devout grandmother and well and truly shakes things up. She discovers a strange collection belonging to her grandmother’s friends and asks herself how exactly she slots into the latter’s life. The small girl’s curiosity turns the sense of order established by her grandmother upside down.
This movie was screened during the Short Waves 2014 festival.
See the trailer:

2. SUPERJEDNOSTKA (Teresa Czepiec, 20 min, 2014)
Superjednostka("Super-Unit") is a gigantic stack of flats which works as a house-machine. More than 3000 people can live in this 15-storey building. The lift only stops after every three floors; the inhabitants therefore reach their flat via a labyrinth of corridors and stairs. The central characters are people who live in the Superjednostka and experience the formative moments of their lives there. This is the place where they express their emotions and where their expectations and desires come to fruition... or not.
See the trailer:

3. DOM NA GŁOWIE (Adam Palenta, 18 min, 2014)
This extraordinary documentary shows the life of the family of Wojciech ZAMECZNIK (1923–1967), an architect and the creator of some of the most original decors and posters ever. This film, which was made using private archives which show what Zamecznik himself wished to preserve, in particular the encounters and parties with his friends, is made complete by graphic and experimental work which has never been shown before. This is not so much a family portrait as the life of an artist living through the reality of communist Poland in the 1950’s.
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The HOME project has garnered many prestigious international awards, such as the Epson art photo award (2005), the PhotoPoland prize in 2007, the European Bank Prize in 2008 and the ‘Newsweek Polska’ prize. It has been presented at exhibitions in Poland, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Greece and Hungary.

Andrzej Kramarz
is an artist, teacher, curator and an editor of works on photography. A graduate of the Institute of Creative Photography (ITF) in Opava, in the Czech Republic, he is one of the co-founders of the Imago Mundi Foundation. He currently lives in Hawaii and gives photography classes at the University of Hawaii in Hilo.

Weronika Łodzińska-Duda studied history of art and photography at the Krakow Academy of Fine Art, the Sorbonne and the Jagiellonian University in Krakow. An information officer, she also organises artistic events, and, since 2003, she has been the curator of the Camelot Gallery of Contemporary Art. She was also involved in the setting up of the Imago Mundi Foundation.

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