(A)POLLONIA by Krzysztof Warlikowski

Théâtre de la Place, Liège / Théâtre National, Brussels
29/10/09 - 06/12/09
The director Krzysztof Warlikowski put forward an original montage of texts which brought together extracts from the tragedies of  Euripides and Aeschylus and a previously unpublished play by Hanna Krall, as well as fragments of novels by Jonathan Littell and John Maxwell Coetzee, quotations from films, etc.
With (A)pollonia, Warlikowski questions the figures of the torturer and the victim, the themes of sacrifice and offering, error and forgiveness. In it, tragic heroes marked by fate encounter characters from Polish history in the years of the Holocaust. Ancient gods and old people from the present day evoke death with humour or seriousness. Warlikowski thus questions our fears or desires, evokes romantic attachment or hatred and invents a world made up of violent emotions.
The play was presented in Polish with French and Dutch surtitles. 

Adapted from Euripides, Aeschylus, Hanna Krall...
Directed by Krzysztof Warlikowski
Production: Nowy Teatr Warszawa
Coproduction: Théâtre National de Chaillot, Festival  d'Avignon, Théâtre de la Place (Liège), La Monnaie (Brussels), Wiener Festwochen, Comédie de Genève - Centre Dramatique, Narodowy Stary Teatr im. Heleny Modrzejewskiej (Cracow), Comédie de Reims 
Adaptation: Krzysztof Warlikowski, Piotr Gruszczyński, Jacek Poniedziałek
Dramatic art: Piotr Gruszczyński
Scenery and costumes: Małgorzata Szczęśniak
Music: Paweł Mykietyn, Renate Jett, Piotr Maślanka, Paweł Stankiewicz
Lighting: Felice Ross
Video: Paweł Łoziński
Songs, texts and voices: Renate Jett
Interpretation: Andrzej Chyra, Magdalena Cielecka, Ewa Dałkowska, Małgorzata Hajewska- Krzysztofik, Danuta Stenka, Wojciech Kalarus, Marek Kalita, Zygmunt Malanowicz, Adam Nawojczyk, Maja Ostaszewska, Jolanta Fraszynska, Magdalena Popławska, Jacek Poniedziałek, Anna Radwan-Gancarczyk, Monika Niemczyk, Maciej Stuhr, Tomasz Tyndyk Musicians: Paweł Bomert, Piotr Maślanka, Paweł Stankiewicz, Fabian Włodarek


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