Studio Matejka presents "Charmolypi"

in the frame of the International Festival Crossroad
© Karol Jarek © Karol Jarek

"Should we change our name after some nights as we are not the same anymore? A white sofa, one performer, the music and the costume, for others it’s a dangerous minimalism... But why more? When everything that the performer needs to say is inside him/her and on him/her?" says Crossroads Festival (International Festival for Visual Theatre of the 21st Century) refering to his guest, the Studio Matejka. On the stage: a sofa and a performer. And body language as universal language. Charmolypi is made of the performer’s personal stories told through the body. Where words fail, the story of the body is born. “The water has to fall, says Alexandra Kazazou, Time passes drop by drop. A whole world is in chaos. A minute of silence for the desperate ones. For the WAITING ones... In the emptiness with no expectation nor hope, only memory can bring the light. If the body were a writing pen: you write, stop, refill the pen with ink, write again... If only it were a pen.” The performance is a sort of map charting the thoughts of a woman who struggles with the uncertainty of what is a dream and what is her failure to understand herself in the real world.

Performer - Alexandra Kazazou
Director - Matej Matejka
Dramaturgy - Torbjon Oppedal & Bryan Brown
Texts - Alexandra Kazazou & Karol Jarek
Scenography - Iza Chamczyk
Costume designer - Agnieszka Katyńska
Music direction - Ditte Berkely & Daniel Han

Duration: 40 min | all public

>>> Zuiderpershuis (Waalse Kaai 14, Anvers), Kleine zaal - see the map
>>> Sunday 17 November - 19:00
>>> 12
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Studio Matejka began its activities in 2010 as a physical theater laboratory exploring 21st century performance techniques that specifically work across borders: Borders between performance genres, borders between training techniques, and borders between individual expression and collective resonance. Through practical investigation, the performers work to develop the strength, agility and dexterity to physically ‘speak’ through a diverse range of ideas, images and vocabularies. Studio Matejka has shaped during its initial " I.research period" in years 2010-2012 in The Grotowski Institute, Wroclaw, Poland The Studio is led by Matej Matejka and composed of 8 performers from 7 countries. Additionally, the Studio is regularly accompanied by external affiliates. Vivien Wood (UK), Sarie Mairs Slee (UK/USA) and Milan Kozanek (SK) assist the leader in the psychophysical research. Ditte Berkeley (DK/UK) and Jaroslaw Fret (PL) lead music training and supervise music composition. Bryan Brown (USA) collaborates on the dramaturgy of the performances. The academic team of the Studio is supervised by Sarie Mairs Slee (USA) assisted by Torbjorn Oppedal (NOR) and Ragnhild Freng Dale (NOR) who record, contextualize and inform the laboratory research. The Studio’s film and documentary team is comprised of Adam Hanuljak (SK), Peter Kotrha (SK) and Karol Jarek (PL).

Matej Matejka is the founder and leader of Studio Matejka. He studied acting at the State Conservatory in Bratislava, Slovakia, later at JAMU University, Brno, Czech Republic. From 2001–2006 he was an actor with the theatre studio Farm in the Cave, Prague, and co-creator of the projects and performances Dark Love Sonnets, Journey to the Station and Sclavi/The Song of an Emigrant, which won a Total Theatre Award, a Fringe First Award and a Herald Angel Award at the 2006 Edinburgh Fringe. Since 2005 he has collaborated with theGrotowski Institute, where he is engaged in research of physical expression in the theatre. He is also an actor and leader of physical training in Teatr ZAR, performing in Gospels of Childhood, Caesarean Section: Essays on Suicide (winner of a Total Theatre Award and a Herald Angel Award at the 2012 Edinburgh Fringe) and Anhelli: The Calling. He leads his own work sessions called Wakening the Listening Body at the Grotowski Institute, as well as with Teatr ZAR, both in Poland and internationally. In his work he searches for the performer’s “essence of communication” where both dance and drama are only vehicles for the actor’s expression.

Alexandra Kazazou
was born in Wrocław, Poland. She is half Greek, half Polish. She studied acting at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, worked as an actor in the North National Theater, and co-founded Asypka, a theatrical group based in Athens. She did the MA in acting with the Song of the Goat Theatre, Wrocław, Poland, in collaboration with the Manchester Metropolitan University School of Theatre. She has a diploma in Ashtanga Yoga. Alexandra is a member of Studio Matejka and of the Odra Ensemble in collaboration with Song of the Goat Theatre, and is a co-initiator of Jubilo Project. She teaches ancient Greek tragedy at the University of Wroclaw. Her main research interest is the chorus function of Greek tragedy and how it is connected with the every day chorus of life and the ensemble work. A big inspiration and a life experience was her expedition in Cuba towards the Guantanamo base.


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