Discover the poem by Adam Zagajewski entitled "Morandi"

"Giorgio Morandi. Retrospective", BOZAR
07/06/13 - 22/09/13
The Brussels Centre for Fine Arts (BOZAR) is paying tribute to the master of Italian modernism Giorgio Morandi (Bologna, 1890 – 1964). His subtle still lives, always stripped down to the bare essentials, form some of modern art’s most iconic pieces, whilst his feeling for colour, tone and composition remain a source of inspiration for many artists, writers and film directors.

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The Polish Institute is delighted to be promoting this exhibition by contributing towards the publication of the Visitor’s Literary Guide which is being put forward by Bozar LITERATURE. The guide includes an introduction to the exhibition, a biography of the artist,  explanations regarding Morandi’s artistic journey and, above all:  6 poems inspired by Morandi’s work (Charles Juliet, Jan Lauwereyns, Nicole Malincoli, Maud Vanhauwaert, Charles Wright and Adam Zagajewski)

+++ Adam Zagajewski recently visited Brussels as part of the Passa Porta Festival.

Adam Zagajewski was born in 1945 in Lwów, a former Polish city in what is now Ukraine. He is seen as the greatest living European poet. He began his career in 1968 and was at the time seen as one of the key figures in the 68 Generation, also called the New Wave (Nowa Fala). In the middle of the 1970’s, he joined the democratic opposition to the communist regime in Poland. In 1982, he emigrated to Paris. Around ten years ago, he returned to his home country. Today, he divides his time between Krakow and Chicago (where he holds a chair on Czesław Miłosz).
This international background makes him the ideal choice successfully to carry out a study on identity and culture. In ‘A European Citizen’, an essay which was published in 2004, Adam Zagajewski wrote the following: ‘No-one, as far as I know, wishes to die for Europe. And yet, until recently, it wasn’t rare for some Europeans be be prepared to give their lives for France, Germany or Poland. Could Europe have become fiction?’
For several years now, his name has been put forward as a worthy possible recipient of the Nobel Prize. He is one of the rare living poets whose works are translated into English as soon as they come out and are published by the biggest American publishing houses. In the United States, his conferences are always packed.
The unrhyming, refined poetry of Zagajewski is at once committed and nostalgic and is always accessible. It talks about nature, history, urban life, artistic changes and the spiritual core of daily life.
Zagajewski has also been called the poet of 11 September. One week after the twin towers collapsed, the New Yorker published one of his poems on the last page of its special edition to mark 9/11: ‘Try to Praise the Mutilated World’ was written six months before the attacks, but is now one of the most cited verses in the context of 11 September.

Prizes and distinctions
2009 - German-Polish Samuel Linde prize / Bronze medal for the Polish Cross of Merit/ Officer’s Cross of the Order Polonia Restituta
2004 – Neustadt International Prize for Literature
1992 – Guggenheim grant
1987 – Freedom prize awarded by the French PEN club
1975 – Literary prize awarded by the Kościelski foundation

Komunikat. Cracow, 1972
Świat nie przedstawiony. Cracow, 1974
Sklepy mięsne. Cracow, 1975
Ciepło, zimno. Warsaw, 1975
Drugi oddech. Cracow, 1978
Słuch absolutny. Cracow, 1979
List. Oda do wielości. Paris, 1983
Cienka kreska. Cracow, 1983
Jechać do Lwowa. Londyn, 1985
Solidarność i samotność. Paris, "Zeszyty literackie", 1986
Płótno. Paris, "Zeszyty Literackie", 1990
Dwa miasta. Paris-Cracow, 1991
Ziemia ognista. Poznań, 1994
Trzej aniołowie. Cracow, 1998
W cudzym pięknie. Poznań, 1998
Pragnienie. Cracow, 1999
Obrona żarliwości. Cracow, 2002
Powrót. Cracow, 2003
Anteny. Cracow, 2005
Poeta rozmawia z filozofem, Warsaw, 2007
Niewidzialna ręka. Cracow, 2009
Lekka przesada, Cracow 2011

Practical information
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>>> From Friday 7 June until Sunday 22 September 2013
From Tuesday till Sunday from 10am till 6pm. Thursdays till 9pm.
>>> €10 | €8 (BOZARfriends, 18-26, 65+, groups, ...) | €6 (12-18, teachers) | €4 (unemployed, schools) | free (-12)
Buy a combi ticket (Antonio Morandi + Michelangelo Antonioni | Antonio Morandi + Michelangelo Antonioni + bOb Van Reeth)

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