'Ten Commandments', by Kieślowski and Piesiewicz

NTGent schouwburg (Ghent)
19/03/13 - 28/03/13
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Ten Commandments is a theatre adaptation of the television series Dekalog by the Polish film director Krzysztof Kieslowski. They have been adapted for the stage by Koen Tachelet at NTGent. To be seen from 19 until 28 March.

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Ten Commandments consists of ten short stories about the residents of a block of flats in Warsaw. We meet them at turning points in their lives, at moments when they have to deal with fear, passion and loss. In a world where clear standards have disappeared, people are left to their own devices. However, Ten Commandments shows us that this does not have to lead to egoism and lovelessness. On the contrary: on stage we see characters who have no answers, but who nevertheless valiantly try to get in touch with one another. Full of vulnerability and impotence, full of longing to love one another and be loved.
Krzysztof Kieślowski embeds piercing moral themes in situations which are as bizarre as they are recognisable, associatively based on the Ten Commandments which you may know by heart. Koen Tachelet’s adaptation respects the cinematic atmosphere of the stories and Johan Simons makes it a moving, intimate performance.
In part 1 (which premiered last season), we meet our tower-block residents. Andrzej does not believe in God, but he does believe in his new self-made computer. Dorota is pregnant, but not by her husband. Januzs, a married man, receives a visit from his former mistress on Christmas Eve. Anka questions her feelings for her own father and decides to subject him to a radical test. And we also experience a gruesome robbery and murder through the eyes of the young murderer’s mother…
Part 2 shows, amongst others, Tomek who spies on his comely neighbour like a modern Peeping Tom and receives the chance of a lifetime when she invites him over. Majka, a teenage mother, runs off with her young daughter to her ex-boyfriend who now lives in the forest and makes teddy bears. Zofia, a professor of ethics, is visited by a Jewish woman who once presented her with the greatest dilemma of her life. Roman hears that he is impotent and encourages his wife to have an affair. Finally, the brothers Jerzy and Artur inherit a stamp collection from their father whose value they can scarcely imagine.

Ten tragicomic stories, as clear as glass and just as sharp. They can be seen in 2 parts or in the full marathon version.


by: Krzysztof Kieślowski and Krzysztof Piesiewicz
adaptation: Koen Tachelet
director: Johan Simons
performers: Walter Bart, Wine Dierickx, Els Dottermans, Frank Focketyn, Matijs Jansen, Maartje Remmers, Marleen Scholten, Oscar Van Rompay
dramaturgy: Jeroen Versteele
set design: Bert Neumann
costume design: An De Mol
lighting: Dennis Diels
production: NTGent and Wunderbaum with thanks to the Münchner Kammerspiele



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