Paweł Janicki: EU_tracer

MediaRuimte, Brussels
wizualizacja EU_Tracer, Paweł Janicki, 2010 wizualizacja EU_Tracer, Paweł Janicki, 2010

Paweł Janicki's EU_tracer is a media work that transforms Internet traffic into a variety of audiovisual forms. Data from assorted institutions of the EU are changed into elaborate visual and musical structures and become the building blocks for a work of art.
The main component of EU_tracer is the specially designed software that scans messages and information in the Internet not for their contents, but for the dynamics of the interrelations among them, which it translates into graphic metastructures and musical forms.
The site of each performance is a significant aspect of the project: the particular geographic locations from which the program connects with the Internet will affect the data flow and availability. As the work is displayed in successive geographically and politically varied European and Asian cities, it will create a sort of cyber-cartographic trail leading through the digital-information universe. 
The navigator in each case will be a guest musician associated with the particular locale, in this case Sigrid Keunen, using an acoustic instrument to improvise on the flow of Internet data. This musician, in addition to being a collaborator whose inventiveness will shape the work, will also serve as a symbolic representative of his/her community in European/global digital communication space.
The EU_tracer project continues Paweł Janicki's exploration of themes that have recurred in his work: the use of the esthetic aspects of information systems and interactive designs based on the intuitive behaviour of the viewers/listeners. EU_tracer expands on Janicki's musical network performance Ping Melody (performed at the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris, Gare Du Nord in Basel and the National Museum in Wrocław, among other places), the installations Web/Net Eater and Mapping Chopin.

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 Paweł Janicki (1974) creates interactive audiovisual systems, installations and performances, focusing mainly on microsound and algorithmic composition. Janicki, who majored in cultural studies at Wrocław University, works with the WRO Art Center as a curator and head of R&D, and teaches in the Intermedia Department of the Poznań Academy of Fine Arts. In 2004 his internet musical performance Ping Melody was awarded the grand prize by the Machida City Museum of Graphic Arts in Tokyo, and was nominated for an award at the Viper International Film, Video and New Media Festival in Basel. Janicki is a co-founder and longtime member of the Gameboyzz OrchestraProject, a collective exploring lo-fi esthetics, using computergaming consoles to create audiovisual compositions that have been presented at the WRO Media Art Biennale (Wrocław), the Transmediale festival (Berlin) and Ars Electronica (Linz). Janicki is also one of the main artists whose works are featured in WRO's Interactive Playground, a groundbreaking new media exhibition for younger audiences, which has been shown in 10 cities in Poland and attended by more than 150 000 visitors. He is currently working on an installation entitled Oceanus, commissioned for the EU Moving Stories project, and on an internet-based performance/installation called EU_tracer.


 Sigrid Keunen has a classical background (Conservatory of Antwerp and Brussels), but has since the completion of her viola-studies explored the world of theatre and performance. She has worked with renowned Belgian theatre director Wayn Traub and with technorockband Praga Khan (a.k.a. Lords Of Acid). She has written a saxophone quartet for the Dutch Esquire Quartet, and has, as a freelance musician, played shows with Liza Minelli, Cat Power and Robby Lakatos. She plays also in several Belgian classical orchestra's and ensembles (Orchestre Philharmonique de Liège, ...).




: WRO Art Center, Adam Mickiewicz Institute
Commissaire: Małgorzata Sobolewska
 Paweł Janicki's EU_tracer was commissioned by the Adam Mickiewicz Institute and carried out by the WRO Art Center.The project was launched in May 2011 during the 14th Media Art Biennale WRO in Wrocław. Alongside Brussels, there will be performances in London, Minsk and Tokyo.


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