• Mural painting

    Salle Cocteau, Ghent
    26/10/15 - 30/10/15
    Jacek ZDYBEL, Aleksandra LECH and Rafał ROSKOWIŃSKI, three Polish artists from the Gdańsk School of Mural Painting will be in Ghent in the
  • POP & SHOP: EUNIC European Fashion and Design Market

    De Markten (Brussels)
    23/10/15 - 25/10/15
    Discover the latest fashion and design trends taking the whole of Europe by storm at POP AND SHOP! EUNIC Brussels and M.A.D. Brussels have
  • Brussels Research Yoga - exhibition by Janek SIMON

    at the artists’ collective SUPER DEALS
    12/10/15 - 10/11/15
    Polish artist Janek SIMON has been invited by Julia WIELGUS, from the artists’ collective SUPER DEALS, to participate in a residency in
  • ‘Powder Her Face’ an opera by T. Adès, directed by Mariusz TRELINSKI

    Halles de Schaerbeek
    22/09/15 - 03/10/15
    Director Mariusz TRELIŃSKI’s latest project is an opera by Thomas Adès, adapted from a libretto by Philip Hensher, entitled POWDER HER
  • "The Department of Subterranea", by Marcin Dudek

    Center for Contemporary Art WIELS | in the frame of the Brussels ART BOOK FAIR
    Following more than a decade producing artworks that deal with the literal and figurative underground, Marcin DUDEK created The Department of
  • LIBERATURE at #Brusselspoetryfest

    with the presence of its creators, Zenon FAJFER and BAZARNIK (Wiels | DeBuren)
    11/09/15 - 13/09/15
    Katarzyna BAZARNIK and Zenon FAJFER, the two LIBERATURE's creators, take part in the #UndergroundPoetryFest and Brussels ART BOOK FAIR:-
  • Art in the Box 2015 (2nd edition)

    As part of the festival Design September
    10/09/15 - 17/10/15
    Magic Box - Polish Design is the second part of ART IN THE BOX, the first edition was organized as part of the festival DESIGN SEPTEMBER, under

    Maison des villes partenaires | Part of MONS 2015
    09/09/15 - 03/10/15
    What has become of Adam MICKIEWICZ, Eliza ORZESZKOWA, Jerzy PUTRAMENT, Henryk SIENKIEWICZ, Adam WAŻYK and Gabriela ZAPOLSKA? In response to this
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