• Arts

    Cities and (Velo)cities

    De Markten (Brussel) | in the framework of Summer of Photography 2016
    17/06/16 - 28/08/16
    Beyond the city which we can see, made up of streets and buildings, there is a second space governed by motion, movement, time and, crucially,
  • Film

    Screening of the film 'Brothers', by Wojciech Staroń

    Part of ‘German Film Festivals on Tour’ | BOZAR
    The documentary and animated film festival DOK Leipzig is one of the many cinema festivals which are held each year in Germany. The Goethe
  • Music

    Jacek ANTCZAK interviews Piotr DAMASIEWICZ, a jazzman from Wrocław

    in the framework of the Brussels Jazz Marathon
    20/05/16 - 21/05/16
    European Jazz Unit 2016, with the participation of Piotr Damasiewicz, plays at Brussels Jazz Marathon on 20 and 21 May ! >>> more
  • Music

    European Jazz Unit 2016, with the participation of Piotr Damasiewicz

    Part of the Brussels Jazz Marathon | Brussels Grand Place + Flagey
    20/05/16 - 21/05/16
    The European Jazz Unit is a jazz group created in 2013 by six musicians from six European countries at the literary festival L’Isola delle
  • Arts

    Exhibition ‘HomoMigratus - Understanding human migration'

    Musée de la Vie Wallonne (Liège)
    29/04/16 - 11/12/16
    Whether someone is moving thousands of kilometres away or to another part of his own country, migration always uproots people. The exhibition
  • Film

    2 Polish films at the ...

    Brussels Short Film Festival
    27/04/16 - 08/05/16
    Brussels Short Film Festival is celebrating its 19th birthday this year. Between 27 April and 8 May, in different parts of the capital, no fewer than
  • Film

    Symposium 'Triple life of Kieślowski'

    Cinema Zuid (Antwerp)
    The famous polish director Krzysztof Kieślowski was taken from us far too early on 13 March 1996. In order to mark the 20 year anniversary of
  • Literature

    Presentation of the book "Beste mevrouw Schubert" by Ewa Lipska

    Ewa Lipska (°1945), one of the most significant contemporary Polish poets, was discovered by Wisława Szymborska (1923 - 2012), winner of the
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