• Arts

    Wisła Stories

    Ghent, Bruges, Brussels
    The photographer Peter De Bruyne, accompanied by Marc Peirs, a journalist and a real Poland connoisseur, departed on a trip along the Wisła
  • Film

    Three Polish films with Oscar nominations

    Paweł Pawlikowski's film 'Ida' wins the Oscar for best foreign film!
    16/01/15 - 22/02/15
    Ida by Paweł Pawlikowski has won the Oscar for best foreign film. Ida was competing with Timbuktu [France-Mauritania], Leviathan [Russia],
  • History

    70 years ago World War II ended

    Poland celebrates the allied victory and the end of the occupation by the nazis
    01/01/15 - 31/12/15
    Did you know that:- Poland fought in the Second World War from day one without stopping? - Polish soldiers entered Berlin alongside Soviet troops in
  • Theatre

    Public theatre in Poland celebrates its 250th birthday

    Listen to the message by Krzysztof WARLIKOWSKI on the occasion of World Theatre Day (27 March)
    01/01/15 - 31/12/15
    The Polish parliament declared 2015 "THE YEAR OF PUBLIC THEATRE" in order to celebrate the 250th anniversary of the first performance by the National
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