Cities and (Velo)cities

De Markten (Brussel) | in the framework of Summer of Photography 2016
17/06/16 - 28/08/16
Warsaw 01 © Szymon Rogiński Warsaw 01 © Szymon Rogiński

Beyond the city which we can see, made up of streets and buildings, there is a second space governed by motion, movement, time and, crucially, velocity. Creating such a rhythm is what makes the city both such a specific, prolific and historically important environment, and the opposite of self-sufficient, when it comes to the environment, or prone to consumerist culture. It is this (velo)city we enter and attune ourselves to every day; it determines the rhythm of our lives and, conversely, it allows us to participate in, transform and thus create the city itself.

This photography and video exhibition entitled videos Cities and (Velo)Cities, which tries not just to illustrate but also to follow this velocity within its narrative structure, is divided into three parts, linked to the countries of the Visegrad Group:

(1) The first section presents the basic idea of time and motion in an urban space, as interpreted by artists from Hungary.
Artists: Gábor Arion KUDASZ, Ádám MAGYAR and Gergely SZATMARI

(2) The second analyses current urban conditions, and features authors from the Czech Republic and Slovakia.
Artists: Viktor VEJVODA, Paul CHANEY, Kateřina ŠEDA, Jan MASTERA, Václav KOPECKÝ, Jiří THÝN, Valentýna JANU, Aleksandra VAJD & Hynek ALT, Vojtěch FRÖHLICH, Ondřej MLADÝ, Jan ŠIMANEK, Vladimír TURNER, Yeoryia ASLANIDOU. Curator: Václav JANOSCIK.

(3) The final chapter focuses on visions of the city and cities of the future, using social media and digital photography as conceived by Polish artists.
Artists: Maciej JEZIOREKTomasz WIECHSzymon ROGIŃSKI. Curators: Monika SZEWCZYKKuba DĄBROWSKI

More information on the website of the Polish Gallery ARSENAŁ 

>>> De Markten (Place du Vieux marché aux Grains 5, 1000 Brussels) – see the map
>>> Friday 17 June > Sunday 28 August + Monday 2 August > Sunday 28 August 2016
>>> Official opening on Friday 17 June between 18:00 and 21:00
>>> FREE

+++ Workshop “Photographic search for the nature of the metropolis” with photographerMaciej JEZIOREK on Sunday 19 June from 13h15 until 17h30 >>> clic HERE (free)

+++ Satursday 18 June : visit the exhibition with curators and artists (from 15 until 16:00)

Organized by Arsenal Gallery, Polish Institute in Brussels, Drdova Gallery, Czech Centre Brussels, Zofia Faur Gallery and Balassi Institute, Cultural Service of the Embassy of the Republic of Hungary in Brussels in the framework of Summer of Photography 2016 by the members of the Visegrad Group (Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia)
The exhibition is co-financed by the International Visegrad Fund and the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic.

The Visegrad Group is a political group of four countries from Central Europe: Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia. The group was founded in 1991 in order to accelerate the European integration process of the region. Currently, its role is to increase supranational cooperation in this part of the continent. The Visegrad Group has a rotating presidency which Poland is holding from July 2016 until June 2017.


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